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Employee of the Month

The employee of the month program is an award given to workshop members based on attendance, attitude, work ethic and leadership. Each winner receives a $50 gift card from a local merchant and certificate.


January: Micheal F. & Rebecca J.


December: Tiffany B. & Debbie G.
November: Tesse M. & Juli B.
October: Aimee F. & Antonio B.
September: Jan W. & Michael M.
August: Chris J. & Debbie M.
July: David C. & Amanda L.
June: Joey G. & Debbie P.
May: Robert H. & Brook R.
April: Sonny C. & Luann H.
March: Shaun D. & Michael H.
February: Bill D. & William W.
January: Randy D. & Jesse H.


December: Travis B. & Marquita J.
November: Jeremy D. & Debbie M.
October: Josh S. & Robbie C.
September: Patricia J. & Johnny P.
August: Lillian M. & Jeremiah M.
July: Ryan C. & Debbie D.
June: Eric B. & Sarah M.
May: Merlin E. & Clyde G.
April: Sheila B. & Gloria H.
March: Greg B & Paige F.
February: Lukas R. & Keith S.
January: Jerimiah M. & Dalton G.


December: Racheal N. & Krystle W.
November: Ron B. & Mike D.
October: Bill S. & Jeremy D.
September: Karen B. & Robert H.
August: Kyle I. & Kathy R.
July: Brenda M. & Gaylon W.
June: Pona A. & Evelyn S.
May: Michael B. & Alex T.
April: Donna H. & Sarah T.
March: Kenneth B. & Clyde G.
February: Deanna D. & Tim S.
January: Bequita H. & Michael W.