Employment Skills

Employment Services

The Johnson County Board of Services (JCBS) has provided employment opportunities to those we serve for decades, through the Johnson County Sheltered Workshop. In the last few years, outreach to local businesses resulted in opportunities for employment at Whiteman Air Force Base and other locations.

Starting late 2014, a new comprehensive Employment Services program was initiated to support the individuals we serve in becoming employed. The process includes individualized job discovery and job preparation, as well as employment in the community at a competitive wage, in a job of their choosing.

In the job discovery stage, individuals explore their interests, with the outcome of a career plan or path. In job preparation, job seekers participate in employment-related activities specific to their desired job or career, such as attending career fairs, practicing interviewing skills, taking training in both “soft” and “hard” skills related to getting and keeping a job, volunteering, and job shadowing.

When an offer for integrated, competitive employment has been made by an employer and accepted by the job seeker, the Employment Services team continues to support the individual by helping to ensure their success. This is done through partnering with the employer with on-the-job training, mastering the use of community resources (such as public transportation), and ongoing supervision and monitoring of the employee’s performance. This on the job support will fade over time, at a pace that works for both employee and employer.

For more information about JCBS Employment Services, call 660-747-2619.

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