Kindness Stories

“We love to show our individuals how much we care about them. In 2018 when the weather was cold, we decided to set up a hot chocolate bar at the RISE Vocational Center. We had so much fun hanging out with the employees and treating them with something sweet”! – Liz Hargrave 

“Our Executive Director does a lot to show appreciation for the team. Valentine’s Day is normally filled with love from a significant other or a crush. Our Executive Director decided to surprise the team and have roses delivered by the best flower delivery person there is, Sean Morrissey! She also shows appreciation to the team by taking part in Targeted Case Management Appreciation week, Social Work Appreciation month. We appreciate the kindness that our Executive Director shows us each day”!  – Liz Hargrave

“As an employee I get to do a lot of fun things with my work that fills my bucket. I also get to bring along my kiddo, who is 7, to events. During the finale night with Bright Sox the teams celebrated with a water balloon fight. My daughter may have been caught in between some water balloon fun and one individual came to her aide to make sure she was okay and helped make sure everything was better with a big hug. By the end of it she was smiling just in time for the group photo. It made my heart happy and proud to be a part of such a positive and caring group”. – Cooleen Hall

“I lived in a bunch of different facilities.  Then some people came to pick me up from a facility I was living at and they took me to an ISL. I was really excited the day that I got taken to an ISL.  I lived in an ISL for four years. I really liked being in an ISL instead of a facility because I got to do a lot more. Then I moved into my own apartment.  I love all the freedom that I have living in my own apartment.  My job that I have right now working as a receptionist is my dream job.  After I become my own guardian I want to get married. I also want to be the first female president of the United States.  This is the story of my journey so far”.-Anonymous 

“March 2nd, 2019 some of our team participated in the KMOS fundraising telethon. We truly believe that a community that comes together is the best kind of community”! – Liz Hargrave  

Being kind is apart of our mission at JCBS. We show kindness in everything we do, but on some days we like to try to show a little more kindness than usual. On World Kindness Day, we wear cardigans in honor of Mr. Fred Rogers. 

Abilities LLC hosts BINGO nights for their individuals, staff, and families. They are so fun and everyone wins great prizes! One year we wanted to participate in BINGO night by hosting a carnival. To this day, we still talk about how fun that night was and how we want to do it again. Kindness and togetherness always brings joy. It also brought the team joy when our Executive Director Melissa got a pie to the face! 

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