About Us

Enhance, Empower, Achieve

Johnson County Board of Services provides resource navigation for families.  Our team doesn’t provide direct services to individuals, but we are skilled at connecting families to the resources they need … and then monitoring those services for maximum success.


All people have the right to pursue a good life.


To Support People with developmental disabilities through Advocacy, Resources, and Kindness (SPARK).


Families First – We will always place families first, through kindness and accountability. We empathize and hold ourselves accountable to acquire and assure continuity of services and supports for those we serve.

Communication – We value clear and intentional communication in order to create a positive rapport with those we serve and each other. We understand there are a variety of communication styles and adapt as necessary.

Advocacy – We advocate for those we serve to live their good life, while encouraging our community to be more inclusive. We give families and individuals the tools to advocate for themselves.

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